What You Should Know When Shopping For Double-Hung Windows


It’s time to replace your windows. You know to get something energy efficient. You know the look you want but aren’t sure if you should continue with the single-hung style you have now or look into double-hung windows.

Here are a few differences you should know between the two before you make your purchase.


Double-hung and single-hung windows can look exactly alike. However, there are differences that you should be aware of when choosing between the two.

While both windows have vertically-sliding sashes (frames), only one sash is operable in single-hung windows as opposed to both in double-hung windows. In single-hung windows, the bottom sash can slide up and down, and even tilt in more modern versions, while the top sash remains still. In their double-hung counterparts, the top and bottom sashes can slide up and down, and tilt.

This primarily makes a difference in your ability to control air flow. With double-hung frames, you can allow as much or little air you want into your home. With single-hung frames, you are limited to the air that can come through the bottom frame.


While having only one operable sash makes single-hung windows more weather-resistant, the double-hung versions are easier to maintain on an everyday basis. That is because with the single-hung windows, even if the operable sash tilts inside and out, you still have to go outside to clean the inoperable sash. This can cause a bit of a challenge if your windows are not on the ground floor. You may even need to hire a professional cleaning company. On the other hand, the double-hung frames can easily be cleaned either by sliding them up or down, removing them or if equipped, tilting them to access the exterior.


The upfront cost is slightly higher for double-hung frames. However, maintenance benefits often prove to be more valuable in the long run. In addition, if you purchase energy efficient windows, you may be eligible for a rebate from your utility company or a federal tax credit.

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