Reasons Why Energy Efficient Windows Are A No-Brainer


The time has come for you to get new windows. Maybe it’s due to old age, an act of nature or a poorly thrown baseball. Whatever the reason, there are tons of window replacement options. If you’re not prepared, you can certainly get trapped in the vast ocean of “window shopping”.

One thing’s for certain, your new windows should be energy efficient. While energy efficiency is probably the biggest buzzword in the home repair industry, there are actual benefits to installing energy efficient windows.

Here are a few reasons why choosing energy efficient windows makes perfect sense.

Heating And Cooling Costs

The basic premise of windows is to keep certain things you want in and others that you don’t want out. When it comes to your window replacement project, you’re most likely interested in the windows’ ability to help manage your home’s temperature. For example, during the summer months, your windows should help your home stay cool, and during the winter, they should help it stay warm.

Traditional windows, especially those made from glass and metal, aren’t ideal for achieving this balance. While they’re great materials for heat transfer, they can lead to a substantial amount of energy loss, which leads to higher cooling and heating costs in the summer and winter respectively. On the other hand, energy efficient windows are built to slow, and in some cases prevent, the transfer of heat, which helps to regulate your home’s temperature based on the season.

Other Benefits

There are a number of other benefits to energy efficient windows. In addition to the immediate heating and cooling costs, energy efficient windows also: a) help extend the life of your HVAC units due to not being overworked, b) keep condensation away, and c) help to keep your home more comfortable overall. When you add in the federal tax credit available for qualified purchases, getting energy efficient windows becomes the obvious choice for your window replacement project.