Important Answers to Questions About Replacing Your Roof In Plymouth MA


The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 15 to 20 years. You may be reluctant to invest in a roof replacement because of cost, but you will undoubtedly end up paying more for your Plymouth roofing project in the long run. Many people question the severity of roof damage. Here are answers to those common questions.

You might think that minor damage or injury to only a portion of the roof can be ignored, but it can’t. The compromised roofing materials must be replaced; otherwise, the rest of the roof will eventually fail. Should you still repair the roof if only a section of it is bad? Yes, because the longer you put off storm damage mitigation, the more damage to your home’s top.

Another concern many homeowners have is their insurance carrier’s reaction to a claim. Unlike automobile insurance, where you pay the price for using it, most homeowner’s policies are written specifically to help you with repairs. Your carrier won’t drop you if you file a roof repair replacement claim, as long as it falls under the purview of your policy.

Will your carrier increase your rates? Probably, but not just yours. Whenever a major storm hits an area, the insurance companies do their happy dance. They raise rates across the board to reduce their losses. It doesn’t seem fair and it isn’t, but that’s the name of the insurance game. They are in business to make money, so don’t fool yourself otherwise.

Finally, you might ask whether your roof is covered by your homeowner’s maintenance insurance, but chances are it isn’t. When your roof was initially installed, the materials had a warranty, but these guarantees are limited, and most maintenance insurance policies do not include major repairs. They, too, do not want to incur the expense of a new roof.

Should you have a roof replacement? Call in a trusted contractor to assess your roof and inspect for damage. He or she is the best person to answer that question.