How to Repair or Replace Your Deck Prior to Summer


Spring is in the air and you cannot wait for summer. Is your deck ready, however? Does it need repairs or are you in the market for a total deck replacement? The overall condition of the deck will answer that question, but here are some things to consider prior to enlisting professional help.

Restoration will save you money, so it’s the best way to go if this is a concern of yours. The problem lies whether the deck can be restored. Do you have significant water or termite damage to a portion or all of the deck? Do you have wood rot? Are you afraid of collapse? These instances are serious, and you do not want to put anyone in harm’s way by ignoring the need for replacement. Here’s the thing, though. You might not have to replace the entire deck.

Restoration goes beyond sanding off the old stain and applying new coats. When a professional contractor comes in to perform the restoration, he or she will replace the portions of your deck that need it. If the underneath of your deck is fine, you probably don’t need a deck replacement. Rather, the contractor can rebuild the top portion of it through the restoration project. If you’re really lucky, all you need is a sand down and stain.

Decks do wear down, however, so don’t think you need to replace it one day. Weather alone can play havoc on a deck, even a sealed one. The sun beats down on the wood in the summer, and the rain saturates it in the winter. This reduces the stability of top portion of your deck, and if the seal is broken, it allows moisture and insects in. The overall construction also affects its longevity. Was the original construction topnotch or just so?

Contact a professional to inspect your outdoor space to see if a deck replacement should be added to summer preparation list. Summer is almost here. Make certain your deck is ready.