How to Tell When You Need a Roof Replacement In Plymouth


Are you sure you don’t need a roof replacement? How can you tell when a repair is no longer enough? When you’re working on roofing Plymouth MA it’s important to know a few things before replacing a roof. First, you need to know the warning signs some of which can be too subtle for an untrained eye to notice.

Let’s see how you can detect these early warning signs.


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The Anatomy Of A Roofing System

Before starting to contact roofing contractors, you need to understand the structure and the main elements of a roof. Here are a few terms you should become familiar with:

Deck: The structure of the roof, which is typically made of wood.
Drip edge: The element that’s affixed along the edges of a roof; its role is to guide water off the eaves.
Underlayment: A physical barrier that helps to keep the deck dry.
Shingles: The outer layer of the roof, directly exposed to the elements.
Flashing: The material that seals the joins such as the area where the roof meets the chimney.
Soffit: The element beneath the roof overhang.
Fascia: The horizontal boars that hold the gutters in place.
Vents: Ventilation elements that help to keep the roof dry.

The Six Signs That You Need A Roof Replacement In Plymouth

Now that you know a bit more about your roof, let’s see what are some signs to watch out for:

1. The Age Of Your Roof

Common asphalt shingle roofs last between 12 and 15 years. Tile or metal roofs tend to last longer. As your roof gets close to the average replacement age, you should start thinking about a replacement.

If your roof has been subject to overlaying (roof repairs installed directly over the old roof), you can already think about your new roof. Overlaying works, but it is only a quick fix that may hide insidious problems.

2. Missing, Curling Or Broken Shingles

Year after year, your roof has to withstand rain, snow, strong winds and scorching sun. All these lead to normal wear and tear that can manifest as missing, broken or curling shingles. If you start finding debris from the shingles in your gutters, you can consider you’ve been warned about the imminent need to replace your roof. Any missing parts of a roof will weaken it and make it more vulnerable.

3. Obviously Damaged Or Missing Flashing

The role of the flashing is to keep moisture out at the joints. Flashing can be made from tar, roof cement, or metal. Its degradation will leave your attic exposed to leaks and damage.

4. Ice Dams

Ice dams are those ridges of ice that form at the edges of a roof. They are usually a sign that your roof has some ventilation problems.

When a roof is poorly ventilated, heat from the attic can melt the snow on the roof. The resulting water will run off the edge of the roof. By the time it will reach the gutters, it will instantly freeze, created these ice dams. The cycle will repeat multiple times, making these ice dams reach impressive sizes.

The result are those huge icicles you may have already noticed hanging from houses. This ice puts pressure on the roofing elements, dismantling them and tearing them apart. Next, water will find its way into your house, creating major problems. From this moment on, the need to replace your roofing Plymouth MA will become an emergency.

5. Discolored Walls And Ceilings

If you start noticing water stains on your walls or on your ceilings and you can’t explain their provenience, you should suspect a leak in your roof. Also, if you hear dripping noises coming from the ceiling, you can be sure that water has found its way through your roof. As water damage can be a very big problem, you should consider replacing your roof as soon as possible.

Never walk on your roof! However, if you’ve already done it (although you shouldn’t have done this) and found soft areas in your roofing, that’s a sign of water damage and a warning that you should replace your roof.

6. You Have Animals In Your Home

Have you found a family of squirrels living happily in your attic? Chances are that you didn’t invite them in through your front door. You can rest assured they’ve found their way in through the hole in your roof. There are many animals that can’t wait to take advantage of missing shingles or holes in a roof to nest inside of a warm and comfortable attic. If you notice that you share your house with birds, squirrels, bats, or any other living being that’s not a human or your pet, consider hiring a professional roofer Plymouth MA to see what’s wrong with your roof.

Perhaps it’s time to replace your old roof. Contact us today for a quote. If you need a reliable roof replacement in Plymouth MA, give us a call right now!

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